Blogs Bring Traffic to Your Website

Blogs and articles are a dime a dozen on the web, but cleverly crafted and well written ones get found by Google.

Anyone can write but not everyone can write for the web. SEO, keyword research and multiple hours spent researching and writing blogs can put a dent in anyone’s day – but not mine.

I live and breathe words. I eat them for breakfast. I spew them out by the hundreds. I specialise in writing blogs and articles for websites big and small. I am the copywriter you’ve been looking for.

Blogs Give You Authority

Imagine a world with no experts, no one whom you could trust. If you don’t have a blog, your business is inside that world. A blog shows your customers or clients that you really know your stuff. It provides them with information about not only your business, but related topics too. By regularly publishing articles on your website you are showing the world that you are an expert they can trust, a business they can rely on and a great place to spend their money at.

Am I qualified in the field of Dentistry or Australian Mining? No, but I successfully researched and written multiple articles for my clients who are dentists and miners. I have created content for them which clearly explains what they do and how they do it, giving them the authority they need to demonstrate that they are indeed experts in their field. Chances are that I have written on topics related to your business too, but if I haven’t, I’ll simply do some research and you’ll never know I don’t have a PhD in it.

Blogs Sell More

Your website is best the place to promote your products or services to potential clients. Help them make the decision to purchase from you simply by having a well written article on your site. Converting leads into sales happens when you explain to a website visitor why you are the best person to buy from and how your product/service can help make their life better. A detailed product description may not be enough to convince everyone, but a blog about how product x helped you save the planet and become a millionaire is way better.

When you want long-term results for your website, you need blogs. Once they are written and loaded up on your site, they are there forever– or until you take them down. Bring new leads for your business while you sleep, eat or even go on holiday. Send me an email today and book my blogging services to grow your business.

DIY Blog Writing

If you are more of the do it yourself kind of person, then my eBook is for you! It explains how to write blogs which get found by search engines and how to use them to sell more of your stuff. Order your copy of www What? Website Writing for Beginners today!