eBooks Capture Leads

Unfortunately I am not taking on new eBook clients at the moment.

Everyone is looking for that little bit extra.

Your business can be the one which gives it to them. Offering an eBook in return for an email address gives you another opportunity to convert your website visitor into a paying customer or client. A website catches their attention for a moment, but an eBook is with them forever.

Sharing advice, tips and photos with your customers is easier than ever before. Able to be viewed on multiple devices, your eBook can be read anywhere and anytime. Best of all, in today’s ‘I need it now’ society, it can also be downloaded immediately from your website too.

Dominate Your Competition

Fancy being able to persuade an elephant it can fly? An eBook can make that possible. Well, maybe not for the elephant, but it can certainly persuade a potential customer or client that you are the expert in your field.

Nobody likes a hard sell and it’s hard not to have one on your website. As the time a person spends on your website is limited, you only have an incredibly short time to convince them you are the best, often leaving businesses thinking they have no option than to push for a hard sell.

Luckily eBooks give you more time and endless opportunities to promote your business, brand and what you sell. The ability to reach your target audience is enormous and provides a subtle marketing avenue to explain why your business is the one they need to remember. I will write that winning eBook for you, so contact me now to find out how.

Email Series

Remember those emails you get once you provide your email address to a business? Ever wondered how they manage to contact you so regularly and often end up persuading you to buy from them? It’s a great marketing technique called automated emails, offered by email hosts such as Mail Chimp. The secret behind those series of emails is that they are already written to take the potential client on a journey with an ending the business wants. That’s right – an ending the business wants.

A carefully planned, structured and targeted email series keeps your business in the mind of your customers or clients. It provides them with enough useful and interesting information and the promise of more, to prevent them from unsubscribing from your email list.

Words are a powerful tool. Use mine to help grow your business. Email me today and let’s get your party started, because I am the copywriter you’ve been looking for.

Unfortunately I am not taking on new eBook clients at the moment.

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