Your Website Content Is Your Virtual Face

Everything on your website can be seen by everyone. It is the virtual face of your business and the place where your first impression will either make or break you.

Your website copy needs to:

  • Be professional
  • Sell your products or services
  • Educate, inform and entertain
  • Be error free and unique
  • Achieve results for your business

To achieve results for your business, you need to have a strategy which works. I have that strategy.

I Have the Website Copy You’ve Been Looking For

As a professional copywriter from Taranaki, I have written for almost every type of website under the sun, from mining in Australia, Poker in the USA, to building contractors and tutus in NZ. Do I have the experience within those industries? No, I don’t. But I do have the research skills to develop my knowledge in any industry and the experience to turn that into engaging copy for my client’s websites.

How Much Does Website Content Cost?

Writing your own content can cost you more than hiring me to write it for you.

What! How can that be, I hear you shout.

Simple. Writing is my job and I love it. I have also got many years of experience writing content for websites. When you hire me to do it for you, not only can I deliver it quickly and at an affordable price, but it also lets you do the things for your business which you are good at doing.

I charge $60 per hour or a flat rate of $45 per website page of up to 400 words (exc GST). Now isn’t that much cheaper than spending hours writing it yourself and not getting the results you want!